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Our true virtual reality experience provides the ultimate learning and teaching environment. No longer do you need to use decommissioned machines, resin body parts or play pretend. Our Virtual Reality Edition provides the most accurate exam rooms simulation available - without any of the dangers of radiation.

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Learn remotely

Desktop Edition delivers radiography simulation to a standard PC or Mac desktop/laptop computer for situations where VR hardware isn’t possible. Learners get anytime access, anywhere they have an internet connection, with all the same quality, realistic views and accuracy offered in our VR solution.  The self-assessment modules are even more accessible via a tablet.

What’s more, if you have the VR Edition on campus and Desktop Edition at home you can start your learning in one place and seamlessly continue on the other.

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The benefits of immersive simulation

Feeling like you're truly present in a situation provides the closest option to working with a physical X-Ray machine, but without the need for a dedicated physical footprint, plastic body-parts and the risks associated to radiation. Learners gain immediate feedback and are consistently assessed on the proper techniques while gaining a better understanding and working knowledge of a realistic environment.

01. Instructor-led or Self-directed

Simulated ‘radiation’ is non-ionizing and therefore safe for students to use unsupervised. This allows a greater number of hours that simulation can be used.

02. Create Realistic Radiographs

Our software responds accurately to changes in kVp or mAs and patient and tube positioning and displays the images accordingly.

03. Practicing & Critiquing

Critiquing their own images and creating portfolios of their images throughout a semester enables a student to track their progress and create learning portfolios.

04. Improved Learning Retention

Simulations promote constructivist learning by engaging participants' psycho-motor, affective, and cognitive learning domains, which tend to result in a deeper and more memorable experience.

05. No Waiting Around

With simulation based labs - each student can access a far greater amount of time in the radiographic room for learning.

06. Immediate Feedback

Captured radiographs and usage reports provide immediate feedback to both learners and the faculty.

easy to use

Simple, visual & intuitive

From digital natives to the digitally challenged, accessing and using the range of simulations available in your personal account is simple and logical.

  • Didn’t finish the assessment modules on your tablet? That’s ok, log back-in later on any device and pick up where you left off.
  • Is it the image I took? Yes, all images accurately reflect the exposure selected.
  • Completed your radiographs? Great, check your email for the images and critique of your technique.
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Software screenshot
Software screenshot
Software screenshot
Software screenshot
Image of patient positioned for x-ray
Image of patient positioned for x-ray
Image of patient positioned for x-ray
core features

Our radiography solution provides the world's most technically accurate simulation of a radiographic machine, enabling students to practice procedures, their process and imaging without risk.

01. Complete Radiographic Experience

A complete catalog of 74 radiographic views are simulated; extremity views, table bucky views, cross-table views, to erect detector views.

02. Accurate Exposure Factors

Responsive and accurate exposure factors link with our radiographic exposure algorithms to offer the most visually accurate representation of real radiographic exposures.

03. 60 Unique Patients

60 unique patients* are available as case studies to you after a self-assessment module has been completed. In real life your patients won’t all look the same so why should they in a simulation?

04. Personalized Exam Room

Personalized exam room that builds comprehensive analytics about your progress and areas that require additional work making it easy to see, at a glance, where they should be concentrating their learning time.


Customers About Us

Superb Products

“We have been collaborating with Skilitics for three years now and it has been a real adventure in innovating our teaching and learning. The products are superb and have had a demonstrable effect in improving student performance in clinical practice. In addition the continuous support we have received especially during the pandemic has enhanced our VR training portfolio and this is something we will continue to capitalise on in the "new normal" teaching and learning environment. Skilitics have proved excellent partners for our teaching and learning needs.”

Dr. John Stowe
University College Dublin
Wonderful to work with!

"We have utilised both the practice and self-assessment modes with our students and find that it provides a safe environment for them to learn radiographic technique independently, with staff support when needed.  We have found the team from Skilitics wonderful to work with.  They answer any questions rapidly and worked closely with our IT department to ensure we were up and running quickly"

Karen Knapp
University of Exeter
Positive Learning Experience

“Our students have found the use of the software to be a positive learning experience. Skilitics Health's Radiography solution has ensured vital learning and experience is retained, particularly at a time when clinical placement time was restricted due to the COVID19 pandemic.”

Dr. Brian Chaka
University of Bradford
Excellent service & support

“After discovering Skilitics I reached out to James Hayes and received an immediate response. I found the customer service to be superior and his domain knowledge, passion, and belief in the product and what it would bring to enhancing the training of future technologists sold me even more. I cannot express the customer service enough and how grateful the radiology program here is to the continued support of the team at Skilitics Health.”

Jennifer Rigsby, DHA, R.T. (R)(CT)
Department Chair, Diagnostic Medical Imaging-Radiology
Austin Community College, USA
Smooth Delivery - Excellent & Swift Support

“I was very excited to be integrating Skilitics software into our curriculum. The desktop version allows students to continue to apply theory into practice in their own homes, this enhanced accessibility to an x-ray room, means students can practice any time and not be restricted to campus x-ray room slots. Students have enjoyed using Skilitics software and combined with reflective practice shows promise in supporting their clinical practice. The onboarding process by the Skilitics team was smoothly delivered, allowing for plenty of questions and demonstrations ensuring staff felt comfortable to teach students using this pedagogical approach. The support has been excellent and swift despite different time zones!”

Naomi Shiner
University of Derby
Replicating Reality

“What I really liked about it is that you can actually take an x-ray and see the image. This helps with evaluation criteria and provides you an idea of what it's like taking an x-ray and see how well you are positioning [the patient]. What I also really liked is that you have to set your own techniques and can practice this repeatedly - as a junior, I remember not being comfortable with techniques.”

Austin Community College
Increased Procedural Confidence

“Skilitics Health’s Virtual Reality Edition has been an invaluable, radiographic procedural tool for our students. In their immersive VR world, student radiographers are able to position a patient, select technical factors, and create multiple images without the use of ionizing radiation. Incorporating Skilitics VR into our curriculum has facilitated increased procedural confidence in our students.”

Bruce Oda
MAOL, RT (R), CRT (R) (F) Chair, Medical Imaging Sciences Department
Santa Barbara City College, USA
optimized Features

Designed for learning

responsive imaging

High quality dynamically generated images optimised for learning

accurate process

Practice procedural techniques

anatomy assistance

Learn positioning with skeletal touch & visuals

blended learning

Adaptive self-assessments

Optional learner self-assessments designed to stimulate learning and discussion are available for most radiographic views. These modules ask a series of questions prior to assigning the learner a patient which they are required to X-Ray in their Desktop or VR simulation environment.

After completing the examination, students re-open the self-assessment module which resumes aware of the task completed. The module adapts to ask questions relevant to the learner's imaging technique and procedural actions.

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Software screenshot of assessment
Software screenshot of assessment
Software screenshot of assessment
Software screenshot of assessment
Software screenshot of assessment
Software screenshot of assessment
Software screenshot informing user to go and complete simulation
Software screenshot showing radiography requisition form
Immersive, realistic experience

This helps with procedural memory which aids learning through processes. It’s also a fun and effective way for the students to learn and Universities/Colleges report a dramatic increase in student uptake of VR simulation compared to other sorts due to the effectiveness of the learning.

Visualize Skeleton

Our virtual reality simulation enables students to visualize the skeleton through the skin. Before a student even makes the exposure they can look and feel for bony landmarks and see if they have positioned accurately.

Room-scale & teleporting

For the ultimate experience, our simulation enables students to physically walk around the virtual exam room. If your environment doesn't have the available space, they can also teleport themselves around from a standing position.

Hands-on learning

Our virtual reality is a true hands-on learning experience with visual, audible and haptic feedback. This gives students the cross-over to real world cues they will to

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remote learning

24/7 simulation rooms for every learner

Remote learning offers a number of advantages...

01. At your own pace

Students have more control over their learning and are able to fit this around other activities and commitments.

02. No commute

There's no time wasted commuting, the simulation software is right on your desk at home

03. Bad weather

In areas where teaching can be  disrupted by bad weather, lessons can continue!

04. Take ownership of learning

A golden opportunity for students to develop a more mature and responsible outlook on their own education.

05. Less intimidating

In an online environment, it can be much easier to raise queries with others for those who are uncomfortable in a class setting.

06. COVID-19

During times of uncertainty, a combination of our Desktop and VR solutions provide a seamless transition between campus and remote learning.

Software screenshot showing radiograph report
Software screenshot showing sample radiograph
Report screenshot showing machine and console values based on x-ray image taken
record of use

Detailed Examination Reports

Students are sent a detailed report providing a record of both the radiographs taken as well as with the configuration of the machine and environment.

The report covers console and machine settings in addition to radiation safety factors. This includes Dose Area Product (DAP) and Effective Dose per image, and total DAP and Effective Dose per examination.

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