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We provide our content partners the ability to scale sophisticated medical simulations.

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he abilities of advanced learning technologies such as adaptive learning, virtual and augmented realities are a true game changer. Our platform solves the practical realities of scaling such solutions across geographically dispersed audiences and training sites, enabling organisations and training institutions the ability to make immediate use of these new teaching tools.

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Whether you're a solo student, an educational institution or a global healthcare provider, our solutions scale to your needs.

Radiography - Medical Imaging

By Virtual Medical Coaching
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Learn and master radiologic positioning and technique to enable you to carry out routine and advanced radiographic examinations safely and correctly.

Dosimetry & Radiation Safety

By Virtual Medical Coaching
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The ability to visualize and understand the effect of radiation in a surgical setting is a game-changer.

Birthing & Nursing

By Virtual Medical Coaching
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Our VR childbirth simulations allow learners to practice the skills and team-work approach necessary to attend to women and their partners in birthing situations.

“Learning without the ability to practice complex techniques in a realistic environment is like learning to drive a car without starting the ignition.”

John Davies —  Clinical Tutor
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