Skilitics’ respected vision and innovation in training psychology and software have led to various awards and clients spanning multiple industries.  However, Skilitics founders could see the learning and development market needed a fundamental shift towards a learner-centred mindset and to harness the potential of innovative technology, AI, data-mining and software.  Thus, Skilitics digital platforms and SaaS offerings were born.

‍Skilitics entered the Health sector with their beachhead content partner Virtual Medical Coaching.  Within only a few years, Skilitics Health solutions are recognised as best-in-class and are deployed in 19 countries with tens of thousands of clinical replacement hours logged.

Skilitics Health deliver world-class education and training capability through its investment in domain expertise and advanced AI and data analytics capabilities to connect people, process, and assets, to maximize training knowledge and performance specific to the needs of the health sector.

Investing in 3D artists, platform architects, software developers, UX specialists and data scientists in addition to learning and development experts ensures our solutions solve real-world problems and drive innovation.

Now, Skilitics are entering the aviation sector. There are clear similarities between health and aviation as high consequence, high touch industries managing regulatory requirements with high volume staff numbers.   Both industries’ employees have wide ranging training needs with companies traditionally having high CAPEX as well as high OPEX.  Skilitics SaaS solutions solve these problems.

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